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Should I stage my home when I decide to put it on the market and sell it get this question asked a lot and the real estate agent is always going to tell you. Yes, you do need to stage your home. Staging is a strategic marketing tool that at all so real estate agent. Will you lose in order to president that home and it’s best, and that is what is important. First of all, we are looking to present your homethe best that we can online, because that is where potential buyers are going to see your home first, if they like what they see. Obviously, your home needs to be staged, really good photography, and that is really highly important. In my opinion, and the two combined is what is going to get a potential buyer in your door once they get in your door, then you need to wow them and impress them just as much as you did when they saw the house on mine. So you know, statistics have shown that a staged home is going to sell faster than a home that is not staged. Also, a stage town is going to sell faster than a vague. There are a lot of staging companies out there. They can do consultationsi meant, which I know me our team. We pay for those consultations for our buyers, also that the consultations either you can do the consultation with the seller and then can you give the seller a list of things that they need to do in order to get their home ready, pretty much it’s giving the seller homework, they go room to room to room and they just write out a whole list of things that need to be done.┬áTulsa Real Estate Agents If it’s a vacant house seller has the option to rent furniture monthly and they can run it by room lights, a living room kitchen and one bedroom, you don’t have to stage the entire house and it’s really dependent on how much the seller wants to do and how much they want to spend in order to rent the furniture for a vacant. Homesize you to stay home because his marketing and staging your home is what’s going to make your house stand out from every other house. That’s for sale in your neighborhood and there’s a lot of competition out there and you want to preview your competition and look at their pictures online or preview the home. If you can and see how can I make my house better real estate agent is going to do that for you, I know that I have tribute homes for my sellers and I’m, taking my sellers with me to view our competition. If we are going to price our house higher, why are we going to price it higher? What’s going to make someone want to spend more money on my house versus the house block away, especially if they’re very, can you know comparable in the same size square footage even the layoutso? If you have a home, that’s not staged and it’s not decluttered and you know I walk into the house and I see that you know this person still has a lot of personal items from pictures to just clutter everywhere: two dishes in the sink to bed’s not made to you, know whatever and then I’m walking to the house down the street and it’s perfectly staged. They could be that the clutter house could be cheaper than the stage town and. They could be the same size, same exact square foot and I’m, probably going to buy the stage down. I might be willing to spend $5,000 more on a home that is staged because I can walk into that house. Then I can visualize what my things are going to look like in that home. So saving is marketing and you want to sell your house fast in a good Tulsa Real Estate Agents is going to help you get your home staged so that your home is going to stand out from the crowd, and the seller has to keep in mind that yeah. It can be hard. When someone comes in and says you need to get rid of this get rid of this and do this and put this here, but it could stage it is going to teach them for educate them on how to detach themselves from their home. Tulsa Real Estate Agents So what we like to do is we like to go into the listing and to the seller, about why they’re moving and get them excited about what their future goals are and what their future plans are, and once we get them their vision night, then we tell them okay. Well, how fast do you want to sell your house while we want to sell it fast? Okay? Well, if you want to sell your house fast, then let’s talk about staging and let’s start detaching yourself from the how she currently live in and let’s start attaching ourselves to the house, we want to live in detaching yourself from your home means you’re going to start thinking of it as it’s, not your home anymore, you’re leaving that house. So we are going to start I tell myself as let’s start packing, because we’re moving and whether that is putting your personal items in storage or in a pot or storing things in the garagelet’s depersonalize everything and let’s create something with create a home where a stranger can walk in and visualize their couch sitting in the living room. There recliner sitting in the living room there, bed in that bedroom, their kids photos on the walls and trophies and whatever it is it’s personal today and they can look at this house and they can see. I can see my stuff here and I can put this here and I can put this photo over here. That is what stadium is about and making it look, grand and fabulous and inviting to someone who’s never been in there, making it so inviting that they want to live there so accessorizing everything, the right way, plants, hadn’t household of the right way.

You know how many lights on in the home and blinds open to let natural lighting and when potential buyers are coming to view the house. We want a house to show well, and sometimes it’s easy enough, as this is what you need to do, and the seller takes that list and says:okay, I can do this and a good Tulsa Real Estate Agents is always going to go back and check to make sure everything was done. The right way, and sometimes it might be more difficult for sellers to let go but honestly I feel like if you prep a seller in the beginningthat. In the end, you prepare them as getting her vision right like we’re, not visualizing as living in it here anymore, but we’re going to visualize as a living in our new home. Typically, they are okay and they start detaching from that property and started thinking about their future and where they’re going to love and they really open up to home staging and once they understand-and you know how important home staging is-and if you know a good Tulsa Real Estate Agents is going to explain to them the importance of why you need to stand stager home because it’s going to sell faster than a stone. That’s not stage, then you know they’re, pretty open to all of that and they’re pretty much good about doing their homework and getting things ready before we take our photographyyou want to make your house attractive to perspective buyers. It’s just so important that everything looks attractive if, if a buyer is going to 10 houses that day and seven of those, those houses were not attractive. Instead of those houses were a cluttered that your house was that one house that was just spot on clean, depersonalized, decluttered, you’re, probably going to have a better potential as getting an offer versus the other homes that you know we’re not staged. You know what I said:decluttering, maybe doing some painting some touch-up paint, because you might have some scuffs on the walls and then we all live in our own home. It’s typical that you’re going to get scuffs on your walls and you’re going to have some minor repairs. I mean that is what at home stagers expertise. Is we plan and we advise andwe choose the right accessories. We choose the right furniture we choose the right layout of where furniture pieces should go in order to give that home fengshui make sure everything is spot-on and if it’s really all about creating an atmosphere that is inviting and I’m, creating the right type of mood when somebody walks in today. So at tulsa, a good Tulsa Real Estate Agents is going to highly recommend on the staging. Before we take the photos before we put your house on the market, we want it to be presentable and we want the home to stand out than any other home. It’s just up to the seller to go along with it and be ready in and prepare mentally for moving pretty much. That’s what I say:you’re packing to move anyways! That’s what home staging is about┬áTulsa Real Estate Agents