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Listening listing presentations, tulsa real estate agents, we are going to talk about some lifting presentations. This is a continuation of the client representation agreement section that we spoke about earlier and i. The first thing that you need to do when you get a lead on listing at pacer property tulsa real estate agent want to be prepared with a listing presentation and I’m. Usually the cells associate will represent the broker during the presentation, and the first thing that we do before we go into a listing presentation. Is we want to have our comparative market analysis ready? We call it a cma and what is it exactly? Well, cma is going to look at properties on the market that are very similar to the property that we are going to list and we’re going to come. Tear you only want to use properties that are comparable, so very close and square footage. Number of bedrooms, same love, add locations in neighborhood, preferably how many bathrooms is it a two car garage at three car garage at we’re, going to get the most comparable properties for our listing, and we want to look at the past 6 months and what they sold for, because at the end of the day, tulsa real estate agents in know that appraisers are going to be looking at this information and that’s how they determine the value of the property. So we don’t want to be priced too high, but we also want to get the highest top dollar we can get for our seller at the same time. So the cma is very important when I take a listing. I definitely am not telling the seller what they need to price their house. That, however, I am telling them that I but I’m, providing them information and I’m, educating them on what other properties that sold for. So in the long. At the end of the day, the seller is always going to determine the price of the property. Not the agent placerville estate agents know that sometimes it can be difficult. And. Some sellers are going to want to list their home as high as they can get it in probably a lot of times. It will be unrealistic, but normally, when you put the information in front of them-and you explain to him-this is what the appraiser is going to look at. So at the end of the day, if the appraiser says that it’s this number, you can’t sell your house higher than because I’m alone, a lender, is not going to give a buyer a mortgage or a loan higher than what its value. And nine times out of 10. If not a buyer is not going to pay extra money out of their pocket, and I have had that happen before, but it’s not common that that would ever occur to take place. You want to obtain as much information and as many fox as possible about the property, because all of this information is going to be placed on the mls for the public to see and some information that you have to get an order of release information, that’s needed for your listing agreement. That’s going to be the names of the people who own the property and I always pull tax records. Tulsa real estate agents need to know that if john black is asking you to sell his house, then john black’s name needs to be listed as a property owner on the tax records. If not, you can’t sell out. So we need to confirm the names of the property owners. We also confirm the property address and the legal description and all of that information can taken from tax records. We want to confirm the year of the house is built and the square footage of the house. What style is it? Is it a ranch home? Is it a french contemporary? Has the seller made any improvements to the property since they bought the home, because that’s something that you want to advertise? We also have to put down the lot dimensions, and you know we want to make sure there’s no liens on the house and is the house in short sale or is it going to be foreclosed on? Is the seller possibly interested in doing seller financing if they are? That can be definitely something that can happen, but you need to know that upfront. We need to know if there’s any special assessments out there, that are outstanding, hoa dues that are outstanding and that’s really important, and we need to know what the zoning classification of the property is, and we also need to know what the current property taxes are for the the latest year. Again. All of this is an information that you can find on the taco truck any other additional information that would just be appealing to a buyer. Tulsa real estate agents just need to do their homework and they need to do their research. The more information that you have, the more marketable the house is, and it’s appealing to the buyers I’m also, we have to get a property condition. Disclosure zand-that something that you know is a whole nother side minute. Tulsa real estate agents need to know that they are should never ever ever fill out a property condition form for an hour, because that could be a huge lawsuit if the property condition form is not completed in the right way or something is left off and something goes wrong and a homeowner or the buyer finds out later that something was not disclosed. There could be a legal lawsuit and you don’t possible estate agents do not want to be a part of that. That’s why we tell or were preached at 2, never ever touch that let’s go to the listing agreement, provisions now and thinks I have to be on there.

All names of the parties have to be on the contract. Whoever owns the house whoever’s purchasing the property that has to be on there and the brokerage firm. Who is the broker? If you are hanging your license with keller williams tulsa real estate agents have to put their brokerage companies name on the contract or on the listing agreement, description of the premises, description of the property. That just means the property address and the legal description in the lot size. Your tax parcel number, which can be found on the tax records and what is the listing price that has to be on the listing agreement as well, the brokers of responsibilities, pretty much that’s already written up on the contract. It’s not something that you have to add because it’s already on there for you, but the broker is chili’s have to be on there and also the brokers compensation compensation. The broker or the sales associate, can determine what the compensation is going to be if they are going to charge 7% or are they charging 4% the broker to not mandate or dictate to a sales associate? What they’re charging it is up to the associate other things that have to be included are any personal property that you are going to be, including in the cell, the real estate or anything that you are at school dean. So some things may be negotiable, like a refrigerator is always negotiable. If you have an above ground pool that can be negotiable. Storage sheds stuff, like that, that’s all negotiable, but if you want to, if they owner, wants to include all this stuff for the sell. The property, then you would put that on the agreement proposed dates for closing, so you always want to have a possible close date in this is not ever since down, which should always be told to your buyer. Tulsa real estate agents need to let your buyers know that this is a goal we are shooting for the state, but if it could be earlier, it could be later. We don’t know so when you’re. Also, when you are closing, you have to determine what title company that you were going to use during that process. Let’s see, we already talked about the broker protection clause. The contract itself should always state that all fees are negotiable between selling broker so that it doesn’t violate the antitrust laws. Tulsa real estate agent need to know that again antitrust laws very important that we don’t violate those and also the date that the contract is signed. You have to put a date on there and don’t ever have a seller complete a listing agreement without a date plain and simple tulsa real estate agents. Please put a date on including the expiration date very, very important, representing the buyer. Buyer representation agreement I said earlier that I don’t normally use those her buyers and some agents will it is optional and like a listing agreement listing agreement is not optional. So that will conclude today’s talk