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Okay, so today we are going to discuss fair housing is extremely extremely important and ordering to talk about. Where can I describe, morgan, explain the different various laws, federal laws, actually that protect americans from unfair housing practices. Tulsa Real Estate Agents  A part of this discussion will also include you know where it originated, from which it originated from the civil rights act of 1866, and pretty much the civil rights act of 1866. It was just a law that prevented discrimination based on your race during a property transaction. However, sadly that flowers, you know ignored, given the time in the era that this law was couldn’t place, it just was absolutely ignored. So it’s also real estate agent needs to be aware of what fair housing is, because there are some huge risk factors that are in place. Tulsa Real Estate Agents  If you don’t follow these laws, civil rights act of 1866 was passed. Yes, it was ignored. There were some court cases that came about one specifically, which was a court case, jones vs mayer, and this happened in 1968. It was pretty much trying to uphold the 13th amendment of the us constitution and the 13th amendment prohibits slavery. So pretty much whenever the courts ruled for this case it’s reenacted the fair housing laws, so the fair housing laws were then amended in 1968. Tulsa Real Estate Agents  To prohibit discrimination in housing in here are the list of things that you cannot discriminate against, and it would be if you’re disabled, on your family status so like if you’re, a single woman or if you’re, a pregnant woman who single you can’t discriminate against that woman when it comes to getting a mortgage or nuts also applies to lisa’s for landlords and tenants, and you cannot discriminate against sex, whether you are male or female religion, your national origin, the color of your skin or your race, and very, very important. So the fair housing act prohibit the discrimination against all of these individuals, and this is all of these individuals from race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status and disability is considered a protected class under the fair housing amendments and part of the fair housing. And then it’s that protect people is how fast and hoping means or stands for the housing for older persons act. So I told her real estate agent needs to understand what helping means. It just means simple:it requires that, let’s say you have an elderly facility that houses the elderly it’s going to require. The 80% of the units that are occupied has to have one person at least the age of 55 or older living in those units that would qualify then for the whole bag. So you cannot discriminate against that family sabbath. Let’s talk about family status, this could be a family to be a small family. It could be as soon as single individual includes women, like I said previously, who are pregnant? Anyone who has a custody child over the age of 18, so the family status is so for an example. If I am a single woman and I’m pregnant and I want to lease a property that landlord cannot discriminate or alone after cannot, discriminate. Give me a loan based on the fact that I’m, single woman and I am pregnant now what they can do, especially from the mortgage standpoint and from the landlord steam point is, if you don’t have the proper credit or the proper ordered it. For that, then they can deny you, so there are some exemptions to the fair housing act, so that would include an owner-occupied building that is no more than for you. Tulsa Real Estate Agents  They are exempt from the act of single-family housing, I’m sold or rented without using a real estate agent. So if I wanted to sell my house on my own and I sold it to mr. John black, who also did not have a real estate agent, I would be exempt from the fair housing act at that point. Other exemptions include special organization, so, like churches, schools stuff like that they are exempt also if I am living in a unit. What’s a I want to rent a room out. That means I’m also exempt, because I’m actually living in the unit I can pick and choose who I want to live in that house, whether it’s male or female race? It is my option, so that would not be included in the fair housing law americans with disabilities act. It’s also abbreviated adia. It just requires reasonable accommodations for employment, for people who have disabilities. So there are certain things that you have to have included posted on the walls. Tulsa Real Estate Agents  You have to make reasonable accommodations for people who are disabled, so this also plays into a factor for someone who is leasing, a property. It’s also real estate. Agent knows that you have to accommodate for someone who has a disability, and you can’t turn them away if their disability, so if they need to, they need to install a rant because they can only move around on a wheelchair. You have to allow that to happen as a landlord. The only requirement would be is that you would have they would have to be able to remove whatever the install and put it back to its original condition. Once the terms of the lease are expired, rover that you cannot deny somebody . And you have to make all accommodations accommodations for them in order for them to live on that property. Some of the things that are included in the fair housing laws-and this is really important for Tulsa Real Estate Agents -is that you need to understand what blockbusting steering mean on the block. Machine means that you’re, encouraging or trying to get somebody to sell or rent their home due to the neighborhood that a negative impact on the neighborhood still like, let’s discuss race, I told the real estate agent cannot go up to some of the hey you better quickly because there goes the neighborhood, so you have african americans moving in that’s illegal, that is called blockbusting and it really pertains to sellers.

Some other terms that also you might hear would be panic selling. It means the same thing: blockbusting panic selling their the same thing, something else that I talk to real estate agent cannot do is steer and staring. They cannot steer, and this really pertains to your buyers. You cannot steer someone to a specific neighborhood, so if you are working with an asian buyer, you can’t say well, let’s go look in the asian neighborhood, you can’t do that. Is it illegal, it’s centered steering and it violates the fair housing laws. Advertising is pretty big when it comes to you for housing, advertising properties for sale or rent cannot include certain language. So, let’s discuss quickly what some of that language is. So category race, color or national origin, something that you cannot say english speaking only or exclusive neighborhood. You cannot use those words in our tizing and what you can say is like master bedroom or a great neighborhood. You can say that and when it comes to religion, you can’t say no christian families allowed or you can’t stay good, christian neighborhood or you can’t even say like near baptist church. You cannot advertise it all, but what you can say is merry christmas. You can definitely say that or kosher meals are available. That would be okay, the category of sex. So you cannot say wife’s dream kitchen, or this is an awesome bachelor pad. You cannot say that when you’re advertising not permitted, you can get fined, you can advertise for a mother-in-law. Suite, you can say master bedroom or, like I said earlier. If I live in my home and I want to rent a room out looking for a female roommate, because I live in the house now, if I did not live in the house, I could not say that disability. So you cannot say note no wheelchairs are allowed, because again you have to make accommodations for people who are disabled. What you can say when your advertising is wheelchair ramps available for you could stay walk to shopping family status. You cannot stay married couples, only no more than two children, and you can’t put a cap on how many kids are living in the house or, you can’t even say empty nesters dream house. But what a tosser real estate agent can say is two bedrooms available. There’s a great family room. You can also advertise that the house is located in a quiet, neighborhood, Tulsa Real Estate Agents cannot come up photographs and illustrations of people and advertisements illustrations, illustrations showing only individuals and ethnic dresses such as, like you can’t just advertise an african, american family, or you can’t just our ties:mature white adults. Only you have to show multiple ethnicities like multiple family groups. Etc. That is a must Tulsa Real Estate Agents