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Hey this is fair housing, part 2 earlier we were talking about blockbusting and steering, and those are two terms thatTulsa real estate agents will need to know and understand very clearly in order to not violate the fair housing laws. Another time that needs to be understood is redlining and redlining doesn’t necessarily pertain to a Tulsa real estate agents but it really pertains to the lenders or the loan officers who are making mortgage loans for buyers, refusing to give somebody a home loan in specific areas, specific locations for a reasonother than economic qualifications. So you know, if you have someone who has a great credit score of the 750 and they have great income, but they want to live in a certain area. Lender cannot deny someone that, because that again is violating the fair housing laws and appraisals. Appraisals. Is you know a statement evaluation and determining the value of a piece of propertyan appraiser can consider a lot of factors when they are trying to determine the value, but they cannot consider the categories. The classifications of for housing, which is race, color, religion, national origin, family status, their disability in their sex. That is not ever going to be a consideration for an appraiser. So there’s that way. If, if the fair housing laws are violated, I mean there in a greek person has a right to see relief if they have been violated. Any of those categories, they’re going to go through preceding held by the administrative law, judge that you actually weren’t actual damages to the person who has been affected and the penalties are very stiff. If you are to violate the fair housing laws, it can range anywhere from $16,000, and that could be your first offense. But you know if you have a second or third offense and i, think that’s within a 7-year time frame, then the lines are hefty at 70,000 at your third year. So it’s hospital estate agent needs to understand the fair housing laws and a part of our accreditation. Every three years we have to have snow. How many hours of training and a Tulsa real estate agents has to go through these classes and for housing is definitely one of them that you have to take in order to continue and keep your license. So the penalties are really swift and you just don’t want to be involved in anything that could cause you to lose your license. You know or have to pay those fines. So you know we went over. Was the civil rights act in 1986, and not like I said before, that prohibits all racial discrimination it was upheld. Actually in the jumpers is mayor court case in 1968, and the fair housing act was amended in 1960s 1968, which included all the classifications of who cannot be discriminated when it comes to housing and a possible estate. Agent knows that there are going to be some exemptions to the law and, as I said before, rentals and owner occupied buildings, with no more than four units. Those are exempt special categories, such as churches, those are exempt. If you’re, selling or renting a home without using a real estate agent, then they are also exempt so, and we had the family status, disability, race, sex, not the origin and remember the americans, with disabilities act that ata, which is short for that they are covered under the fair housing laws place of employment, how to make accommodations for their employees and tulsa real estate. Agent knows that landlords are actually a part of that equation as well, because you always have to make accommodations when it comes to leasing your property, and you have to give them the right. The ability to install ramps and stall bars in the bathrooms, whatever it is, that they need you have to allow it in return. They just have to make sure that they are going to put everything back by the time they leave. You can there’s an equal housing, opportunity poster that has to be posted and businesses, and it states that you know having equal housing opportunity poster in your office as a Tulsa real estate agents All breakers have to have. That is well just states that you do business in accordance with the federal, fair housing law and it talks about it’s illegal to discriminate against again race, color, religion, your sex or disability. Your national origin, at your family status and those people is illegal to it, is illegal to discriminate against those classes when it comes to selling a rental of housing or residential lots and advertising cells are rentals number redlining that would be financing in the provision of real estate broker services. You cannot discriminate and during appraisals, member blockbusting and steering and blockbusting refers to the cellar up. There goes the neighborhood you need to sell in a tulsa real estate. Agent cannot discriminate when it comes to steering when they are working with a buyer I’m. Also, just to recap, hopa hopa is the law that protects the elderly. That means you have to have at least one person, age, 55 or older, and at least 80% of the occupants in the unit has to be 55 or older. Actually, in order for them to be covered under the hipaa law, and then we talked a lot about the advertising and what the penalties are very swift penalties. So just a couple of recaps and under the fair housing act, something that would be legally permitted, refusing to make a mortgage loan to a member of one of the protected classes. Because of poor credit. You can refuse a loan because of poor credit, but you can’t refuse a loan based on the location of where that home buyer is wanting to buy a very, very important. So I talked to the listing agent needs to understand the fair housing because it is a part of our everyday life and we are constantly advertising through the mls through social media and another thing when it comes in advertising.

There’s a lot of people out there watching what we do and what we say and I know that already see. Commissioners have a stack of papers and complaints that they are going through right now, because a lot of tulsa real estate agents will advertise on social media improperly, whether they’re inducing buyers or whether they are saying the wrong thing. You know like church and a baptist church only a block away. You know something like that, but it’s also real estate agent needs to be very, very aware that the commissioners are looking on facebook and they’re. Looking on instagram-and you know, there’s a most of the time agents real estate. A real estate agent is reported by another real estate agent agent because they do not like what they see and they think it’s wrong. And once it’s been reported to o r e c, which is the commissioners, then it has to be investigated. So if you see that if they see that there has been a violation and advertising and social media is really big right now, then. Tulsa real estate agents is going to be affected and there will be a process of investigation on them and once a complaint is filed with o r e c dmv investigation is inevitable. What has to happen, and then they determine what you know the extent if the violation is, and then they figure out at that point, whether there’s going to be a fine or whether the toss, a real estate agent, is going to be suspended. If, if a member like, if a home, buyer or a home seller where to report, you know they would they would report it to that’s when it goes to the judge, the administrative law judge and that’s when you can get heavily fine. So that’s a real estate agent needs to be aware of what the house, the fair housing laws are, and they need to be aware of what they can and cannot do in order to protect themselves.┬áTulsa real estate agents