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Tulsa real estate agents :today we are going to be talking about client representation agreement and what this mainly deals with our listing agreement specifically-and there are different types of listing agreements that tulsa real estate agents need to be aware of, so that you are using the correct one and pretty much of a listing agreement is considered a employment agreement and that employment agreement is going to be between the broker and the seller, not between the agent and the seller. Remember the broker owns the listings, and the agent does notdisagreement is called a listing agreement and the first listing agreement. We are going to talk about wishes. Well, all tulsa real estate agent should be using is the exclusive right to sell listing agreement? Why do I want to use an exclusive right to sell listing agreement? Well is going to protect your commission, which is why you’re in this business, it means that the seller is going to hire an employee, only one broker to represent them on selling their property. That gives the broker the exclusive right to sell and market the property for the sellerno. Other broker can come in and take that listing away. Usually there is always going to be a start date in an end date on the listing agreement. Now. Can the seller request to be released from that agreement? Shore, tulsa, real estate agents need to know that, yes, you can release them from the agreement and it is going to be up to tulsa real estate agents to make the decision on whether they are going to make them wait it out before they can relist, because you can take it off the market and still tell the seller I’ll release you from the agreement, but you have to wait the entire 6 months of our agreement before you can hire another broker to represent you soit has to have it begin date and end date in order for the contract to be valid and the seller will lose all of their rights to sell their property on their own. At that point, then an obviously this is always the listing agreement that tulsa real estate agents would want to use. The other types of agreements are the exclusive agency, and agreement means that one broker is authorized to act or what does the agent as a principal? However, the seller does have the right to sell their property on their own during that period without having the obligation to pay the broker. So what that means is if I wanted a higher dose of real estate agents from the keller williams brokerage, I could say:i will hire you to sell my house if you bring a buyer. However, if I find the buyer on, my owni have the right to sell the house to that bar without paying you a commission. This is not a favorable listing agreement for the agent in anyway so and the next one is called an open listing and that’s also sometimes called an exclusive listing, and this just means the seller has the right to hire a number of rutgers they want, and so, if you think about driving by a piece of property-and you see three different for sale signs in the yard, you can stand mcgraw, coldwell, banker or a keller williams sign in the yard. In that just means that if any of those agents bring the buyer, that’s who gets the commission on the sale of that propertyand. The last one that will be discussing is the net listing real estate agents. Do not really want to mess with an atlas, dean and i. Think it’s actually an illegal in some states, and it just means that the seller has to receive a certain amount of money when they sell their house and if its 200,000, then it’s too, let’s stay the night that they have to have his 200,000 and let’s say they only sell it for 200. That means the broker will not get paid on any commission that the broker will only get paid on commission if it’s sold over 200,000this is definitely not the common listing agreement that anyone uses and again, like i, said it is illegal in some states in actually a lot of states and it’s in. If it’s not illegal in the state, then is very highly discouraged for tulsa real estate agents to use and that listing agreement and mls is called the multiple listing service and when we take an exclusive right to sell listing, we automatically upload that listing to the mls system will what is the unless it’s a marketing organization pretty much, and you have to be a member in order to list your property on mls and this membership comes with a knot. Membership when you share in tulsa, you are atcheat, are not as part of your gee-tar to use, and if you don’t pay your dues, then you don’t have access to the mls. You can listen house on the mls for a seller without having to represent them and that’s going to be called a limited-service. So if someone were to call me and say, I need tulsa real estate agents to help me sell my house, but I don’t want them to do the full scope of the job. I only need the restless tense in listing my house on the mls, but I am going to take care of all of the paperwork in negotiations myself, that’s a limited listing, normally tulsa real estate agents will charge a flat fee. Maybe it’s a 1%, maybe it’s $500 whatever that fee is, is up to the agent to decide and obviously would have to be agreed upon with the seller termination of seller representation, so I broke. His agreement with the client to represent the property for the seller can be terminated and there’s a few harrison few reasons of how it can be terminated.

So if the agreement has been fulfilled, meaning title has been transferred over to a buyer than that terminates the listing agreement when the agreement expires. That will also terminate the listing agreement if the property is destroyed and it can be destroyed by a tornado by fire and it’s condemned and it’s not livable or if a zoning has changed from residential to commercial and that’s going to terminate the agreement if the property goes into foreclosure or the owner files bankruptcy. That will terminate the agreement if the broker in the cellar both mutually agree to terminate it. You can do so and if the broker broker or the seller of reaches the agreement that will obviously terminate and if the seller dies or becomes incapacitated, then or if the broker dies, which you know that is not common now, the agent could die and remember the broker would have to die to and water for it to be terminated. Just if the agent dies. So if this sales associate were to die or become incapacitated, agreement would still be valid. It would just be transferred to another cell, the associated to fulfill the agreement. At that point, remember, the expiration of the listing. It is illegal to take a listing without having a termination date. So you have to ask to have an expiration date as some of the listing contracts and they will have a broker protection clause in there, and this clause just means that the property owner will pay the listing broker a commission and within a specific number, dick specific number of days after the listing expires. If the owner sells the house to somebody that the broker brought to the table, so if I brought john black and showed him, my house and my listing agreement expires the next day or in a week, and the seller tells john black. Let’s wait till those listing agreement expires in a week and then I’ll sell you the house, because I won’t be under contract anymore. Therefore, I will save money on my commission. Well I put a broker protection clause in there and usually it’ll be a 90 days, clause that they can’t sell the house to anyone 90 days after our agreement expires. If I was the preparing cause and a very important because tulsa real estate agents know that some sellers can be devious and it does happen so part of a listing presentation and we will get to let’s see listing at, we won’t get to the listing presentations here shortly.